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A train graveyard in Bangkok, Thailand

While in Bangkok Sylvia spotted this yard of abandoned trains on her way back to the hotel. Intrigued by this find we returned later to check it out.

After quite a bit of bushwhacking we managed to find our way in.

A final resting place for train wagons...

Wagons that have outlived their purpose.

I'm interested in abandoned places in general...

But this was something new to me.

It's hard to say how long they have been here.

I don't think they will be moving any time soon.

The rails they are standing on are as neglected as the wagons...

There was a wide variety of wagons...

With different stages of decay.

Some of them have clearly been here a lot longer than others.

A restaurant wagon or cafeteria.

Probably once bustling with life...

Now just eerie silent...

Until we were surprised by a security guard that started yelling... They didn't seem to upset but on the other hand were not so thrilled about us taking photos, so they gave us a quick escort out.

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