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A small abandoned villa in Taiwan

During my week off in Taiwan after a trip with work to Asia with Sylvia as company we went to check out some old abandoned building from the
mining industry. The mining buildings themselves were not so interesting but while we were looking around I spotted this small neglected villa
on the mountain side. As it looked abandoned we decided to take a closer look... I was right. It was not only abandoned but also left wide open.

From this angle I could clearly see that this house had been abandoned for quite some time.

So we went to have a closer look. The first obstacle was getting on to the property.

After bushwhacking down the entire length of the driveway we got a closer look.

A little more bushwhacking to get up to the house.

The property hasn't been maintained for ages...

I think it was a long time since anybody was here.

It looks like it was either being refursbished or had been just been built and in the final stages of decoration...

With fancy beds...

And some furniture.

I counted four bedrooms in total...

But it doesn't look like air conditioning was installed.

I have no idea why this house was abandoned.

As it's a nice house and it did look like people had been living there, at least for some time.

It's a bit of a shame really, this house is situated nicely on a mountainside and comes with a great view.

Maybe one day it will be restored, but until then nature will continue reclaiming the property.

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