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Abandoned gated community in Taiwan

Our plan was to go to an abandoned amusement park with roller-coasters and other attractions, but as there was a chance that it might have
been torn down we had to have a backup plan so the hours spent traveling by train and buss to get there would not be a total waste of time.
As soon as we arrived we noticed the amusement park was gone so we resorted to the backup plan, an abandoned gated community nearby.
It was abandoned for the same reason the amusement park was abandoned, an earthquake had struck the region and made the area unstable.

Although we knew the amusement park had been torn down we decided to take a look at what was left.

Which wasn't much.

Just a few small buildings...

That where rather trashed...

And this hoarse from a merry-go-round... Not much to get excited about.

So we moved on to the backup plan.

Which took a while to get to...

To avoid a security guard we had to do a bit of climbing and a lot of bushwhacking.

But we finally made it in.

All that remains of this community are these empty shells.

I couldn't find out very much about this village...

It's unclear to me if these houses where occupied when the earthquake hit...

Or if the construction had not yet been completed.

But I'd guess the construction was not completed...

Because many of the houses foundations didn't quite look completed.

And if I'm wrong, the people that stripped these houses down have done an exceptional job...

Because we couldn't find any signs of people but these.

So my guess is these house where never inhabited.

And construction was abandoned after the earthquake hit.

I don't know why the place was guarded though, there was nothing left to guard. And sneaking out without the security guard noticing proved to be a bit of a hassle.

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