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Abandoned soap factory

Once again I was sent to Rome for work and got the weekend off, so I brought my camera and went in search for some abandoned sites.
I spent a day here at this abandoned soap factory a few hours drive outside of Rome. They used to make soap for clothing and textiles,
apparently well known and sold world wide, but eventually they couldn't keep up the competition against the modern washing detergents.

After climbing a rather high fence and crawling through thorny bushes I was in.

The first building I entered was rather empty except for this abandoned mobile crane...

Which was something to get hooked on...

And a trashed office space.

Oops! Didn't bring any of this stuff with me.

The building for the electric cabinet.

Easy to figure that out with that sign on the door.

The most run down building of the factory.

This soap factory covered a large area with quite a lot of buildings.

Some more interesting than others.

I walked around for quite some time...

This building has en administrative office feel to it...

But I didn't bother checking it out very close...

Because light was fading and I wanted to take some photos inside the actual factory.

Inside the main factory building.

A lot of plumbing...

And rather complex plumbing too.

I guess making soap is a rather complex procedure now days.

Probably involving some pretty nasty stuff.

All gauges at 0.

These tanks where the only structures that didn't appear old and rusty...

At least until I took a closer look.

Some buildings are getting rather overgrown.

When people no longer want to use buildings, plants are always standing by ready to take over.

The best overview shot I could get, covering only half of the factory area. Italy is a great country for abandoned places, I hope to return again soon.

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