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Revisit to an abandoned industrial site in Italy

During a prevoius visit to Italy I found an abandoned industrial site just outside of Rome (The first ten of the photos here). At the time I didn't realise just
how big the area was as on the next visit to Rome I drove past the same town and noticed more abandoned buildings in the same area. I had the weekend
off so I headed back with my camera. This time I did a little research and it seems that the industry here was manufacturing bricks or something similar.

It's a bit odd finding so many abandoned buildings like this right next to the town's central train station.

From some quick google research I could read that the town is expanding, so I don't think it will take to long before this place is torn down.

The office.

Probably emptied long ago, but worth a peek.

I found only empty rooms...

I had to watch my step though.

The area was very overgrown. Moving around was sometimes tricky.

The largest roofed space of the area.

A nice change to wading through thorny bushes.

A long corridore...

Which I am guessing is right behind where the actual furnaces where.

Most of the buildings are just shells now...

That nature has been reclaiming.

At least something living is using the buildings...

because the whole area has been neglected by people.

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