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Underground factory and storage facility

This abandoned underground factory and storage facility in Stockholm was abandoned once the company had relocated. The office
buildings outside have long since been torn down and are being replaced by new apartment buildings. Parts of this underground
facility will be restored and used as a parking garage and some other parts are being utilized for a new water treatment plant.

It's the largest underground facility I've been into to date, with several floors of large storage rooms, tunnels and factory facilities.
And it's pitch black in there too, making it a perfect place for playing around and experimenting with different lighting effects.

Playing around with a flash.

Same hall, but playing with a light this time.

Entirely illuminated by me running around firing off my flash.

There are several halls like this, spread over several floors.

A cool place to play around with different light effects.

Tunnels running through the manufacturing areas.

Tunnels are fun for playing around with lights too.

Same shot, but illuminated by me running around with my flash again.

Deeper into the tunnel system.

Out of the tunnels in another part of the factory are several of these long aisles running in parallel...

And a few large halls which I guess where used for storage.

A spur of the moment shot. I just ran around waving my flashlight all over the place and got this rather cool effect!

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