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Abandoned summerland

A visit to a summerland water amusement park in Bohuslän, south west Sweden. The weather was a little gloomy but we had been so looking forward to it.

The first sign that we have arrived at the amusement park.

The excitement is building, we're almost in!

Let's get our tickets, I hope they are not too expensive.

Not much of a line. Great! I hate standing in line.

"Entry 80 sek, free for children under the age of four". We got in for free even though we're older... Sweet!

"Children and cigarette butts don't mix". No worries, we don't smoke.

The changing room...

To get in to bathing gear for this ride...

Nah, it just doesn't look worth it... maybe it's the weather?

Ok, let's move on and check out this playground...

And play around for awhile...

Hmm, not many others kids to play with here today, booooring.

So let's check out the water thingy. Well, kinda cool, but we didn't come here to stare at this all day.

Hmm, nothing in the food joint that tickles our fancy... What a drag!

Shoot some pool then? Nah, you're supposed to play pool in dark shady halls, not outdoors!

Ok, enough of the lame stuff. Let's cut the crap and get on to the main attraction!

The ride everyone talks about. You either hear boasting about how cool it is or sulking over not being allowed to ride.

This is the one everyone comes here for! Oh I hope we meet the height requirement!

WHAT?! It's not even open?! This sucks, let's get out of here!

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