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Overlook Sanatorium

This is an abandoned sanatorium in Norway, built up on a mountainside overlooking a gorgeous fjord. It was built in 1902
to treat patients with tuberculosis up until cures for tuberculosis were found in the 1950s. It was then used as a mental
hospital until the early 90s, then a few years for refugees of the balkan war until finally being abandoned completely.

This abandoned sanatorium has come to be known as 'Overlook sanatorium'.

Majesticly sitting up on a mountain side overlooking a fjord, it's hard not to think about the 'Overlook hotel' from the movie 'The Shining'.

It was built in 1902 to aid people with tuberculosis.

There's a cable car for easy access up the mountainside.

The cable car control room.

Looking at some maintanance documents it looks like it was maintained up until the late 1990s.

I doubt it will ever run again.

Apparently there have been plans to refurbish the building for usage within the tourist industry.

I could see traces of work in progress...

But it looks like no one has worked here for quite some time.

They may have given up, it does look like a lot of work to restore the exterior.

But who knows, maybe one day it will be restored to it's former glory.

The interior is mostly in fairly good shape.

Stairs down to the lower floors.

Just as eerie and silent as the other floors.

Some rooms are more trashed than others.

There's a few wheelchairs scattered about...

of different models, age and state.

All decommissioned, just as the building itself...

And the walking aids too.

"Redrum... Redrum..." Well, a red room at least.

A spooky door at the basement level...

leads to a spooky corridor...

that leads to the spooky boiler room...

and past a spooky dentist chair...

Back to the spooky corridor again.

The kitchen.

The big pots are still nice and shiney.

Unlike the exterior.

Although I like exploring abandonded places I do think it's a shame that this magestic building has been left to decay like this. It's probably the only one to date that I would really enjoy seeing restored to it's former glory.

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