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Two abandoned defence bunkers

In Karlsborg there are a couple of known fortifications that are of historical value and are tourist sights, but there are also a few that are of the beaten
track and a little trickier to get in to. These photos are from two defence bunkers rather close to each other. The construction of them started in 1899
and took thirteen years. They were not in active service for very long though and were soon deemed as obsolete for defense purposes and used as storage
facilities for a time. Now they are closed but with a little will it's not too hard to enter them, but for how long before they are fully sealed I don't know.

The outer ring of the south fortification.

These entries mostly just lead up to the roof.

Not into the main south bunker.

Finding a way in to the bunker was a little trickier. Most of the entries were sealed off like this one.

But after a little crawling around we found one that wasn't.

The other side of the sealed off main entrance. I shot this photo with a ten minute exposure time.

Illuminating with a flash.

A multiple exposure shot, illuminated with a single wide beem flashlight.

I like long dark tunnels...

So I can play around with lights...

I shot this one walking while painting with my wide beem flashlight.

Then we headed out to locate the northern bunker...

Which was a lot easier to enter than the southern one...

but just as dark, which is great for moving around and firing off flashes.

Plenty of water in some parts.

And plenty of rust and decay too.

And finally: "The hatch".

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