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Abandoned cement factory

This cement factory in the southern part of Stockholm county was built in 1949 and was at the time the largest and most modern cement factory in the
world. It had the capacity to put out about 1200 tons of cement per day. It was going strong into the early 1970s until the annual power consumption
of about 45 million kilowatt hours and the skyrocketing maintenance costs made competing with the newer factories increasingly difficult. Inevitably
the factory could no longer keep up with the competition from among others Poland and was finally shut down in 1981. Now there is a biofuel company
active in a small portion of the area, but most of the factory buildings have been neglected and have fallen into a state of decay beyond restoration.

The factory covers a rather large area.

The pink/orange buildings house an active company...

But the rest is abandonded and decaying.

I wonder for how long these chimneys will stand.

There has been plans to demolish these buildings...

But the cost would be enormous.

So will these be taken down, or will they eventually come down on their own?

The area is pretty run down.

It's eather take them down...

Or leave them as they are...

Because these buildings are so far beyond beyond restoration.

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