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Two abandonded industrial sites around Rome

I went to Rome on a business trip and had some time to spare. During prevoius visits to Italy I saw plenty of
abandoned buildings so this time I brought my camera and sought out some old industrial buildings to shoot.

This first place I saw out of the corner of my eye while driving close by.

Plenty of abandonded housing...

and industrial buildings.

I don't know what kind of industrial activity went on here.

It looks as if a few less fortunate peaple hang around here from time to time.

But I didn't see a soul myself.

It's just across the road from a little town.

You would think that buildings like this so close to a town would get knocked down once they are abandoned.

But who is going to cover the costs since the company responsable no longer exists?

Now it's just an eery ghost town, left to it's own destiny.

The next place I went to was a sugar mill about 100km drive from Rome.

Nature is reclaimning this place now.

Traces of the people who once worked here.

It was so nice to roam around there, the only sounds being things rattling in the wind...

Every now and thing something would bang a bit louder, making me jump "what the hell was that!?"

The sugar refining plant.

The whole area was like an abandoned town...

and I could have easily spent another day there.

Just walking through the buildings took hours.

Several floors to explore.

I'm guessing this was an oven of some sort.

I didn't care to crawl in and look aroud.

I had enough to see without crawling.

Some buildings are caving in.

But most was sound concrete.

There used to be a lot of machinery in here.

But it has all been clerad out.

Now many of these large buildings are just empty shells.

This place sure has a genuine ghost town feel to it.

"No smoking"

In some of the buildings I could go up several floors.

Using a maze of stais and ladders.

This is the top part of what I think is a huge oven of some sort.

Quite high up.

And this was as high I wanted to go without doing something stupid.

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