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Abandoned civil defence central

These photos are from an abandoned civil defence command central from the cold war era. In case of war, this post would have been
used to command non military operations, such as the police force and fire brigade. It's a two story underground building containing
over one hundred rooms, built underground on springs and is supposed to be able to withstand the blast from an atomic bomb.

Ground floor: This is the guard post for entry and exit to the complex. As you can see, it's pretty rotten in here, with organic goo and mould on the table. I was wearing a face mask with an air filter.

A switch board, modern at the time this facility was built.

Living quarters. It might look pretty nasty with the goo on the floor but believe me, this room was probably the one in best shape. In the other bedrooms some mattresses were left, and because of water leakage over the years they have grown into massive mould mounds. It has to be one of the most disgusting sights I have ever seen and not anything I cared to spend time photographing.

The planning room. This place is falling apart. It has been totally filled with water up to the second floor, so it's no wonder this place is a wreck.

Stairs up to the second floor.

The second floor corridor. I took multiple exposures using only flash lights to illuminate parts of the corridor, and then combined the exposures into a single photo.

Playing around with a flashlight. My first black and white photo. There was more to photograph here but after this one I really felt like breathing fresh air again.

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