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Abandoned chemical industry building

This building used to house a large chemical company that mainly makes ink for printers. The company moved out quite a few years ago and simply abandoned
the building. It is probably cheaper for them to keep the property and building than to tear the building down. Any sales of the land would of coarse have to
include this building. As nothing has happened for quite some time the building has fallen into the hands of spray painters, vandals and paintballers.

The interior of the building is rather trashed.

I dont recall seeing any interior window not smashed.

And the painters have been able to paint undisturbed for quite some time.

Pretty spacey up here on the third floor.

The groud level floor.

An experimental shot... Mu first photo using several exposures with flashlight lighting from different angles, and then combined to a single photo.

I'm not really quite sure what this is, but it looked like a scale of some sort.

In the basement.

The last registered activity I could see, a fan filter replacement in May 2005.

I had to take a few exterior photos too.

This one was taken with my old pocket camera.

Smoking forbidden - If the alarm sounds: Stop loading or unloading. Drive the vehicle away from the building. Await further instructions.

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