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Lustgården - Garden of Eden

The entire building block of Lustgården (Swedish for Garden of Eden) is being taken down. I had noticed it was abandoned
for a while but as the deconstruction process has picked up speed I decided to take a peek inside before it was too late.

Not the prettiest block of buildings in town.

They are being taken down only thirty years after being built.

Nine buildings altogether have outlived their usefullness.

Modern energi efficiant buildings will take their places.

A new office complex and apartments will be built instead.

A few other neighbouring buildings have recently been taken down, and a new apartment building has been built next door.

During the evening we could slip in to take some interior photos.

The lower floors where not entirely stripped yet.

But they are moving quickly. Power outlets to ease the deconstruction process have been installed.

And all rooms where emptied.

This tree's days are numbered.

The lobby in one of the buildings.

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