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A ghost town in Dalarna, Sweden

Well, "ghost town" is an exaggeration, plenty of people live here, but there are a lot of deserted industrial buildings, apartment buildings and
houses to be seen. It's a well known town in Dalarna, a few hours drive from Stockholm and our last stop on a day trip visiting old mining areas.

An abandoned factory in the industrial area.

We didn't bother looking for a way in. I don't think I would have found any interesting photos in there...

So I just went looking for photos on the outside and found a few nice shots.

"The elefant"

There were some old used mining machines near by. This one looks like it comes straight out of the transformers movie.

This one reminds me a bit more of "Total Recall".

A genuine tourist shot.

Another funky mining machine.

Some nice rusty old gauges.

More old gauges.

And of coarse "The monster". It was used to load ore into railway wagons.

Next we went to a street of deserted houses, all identicle.

The houses are deserted but the street lights are still on as the street is used by pedestrians and bike riders.

I'd guess they where rather nice houses when people used to live here.

I had to play around with the color settings to fight the orange street lights...

The result makes these photos look almost artificial, and I like it.

I think I'd like to take some photos here with a full moon and no street lights... I think that would be kind of eery :)

An old ruin out in the mining area... No street lights here so I used own lights.

Down in the basement we found plenty of rust and decay.

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