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Long distance skiing and camping around Torneträsk, Sweden

Sylvia and I attempted to ski into a valley hoping to find some unclimbed ice, but a storm and plenty of snow slowed us down.
Because of the weather the area we were heading for was probably very dangerous due to the avalance risk, and being behind schedule,
we ditched that plan and just went skiing and camping around Torneträsk, just with a lot of climbing gear that we didn't get a chance to use.
I am not giving up in this plan though, with at least two weeks and better skiis there might be another attempt made to reach the valley.

Heading out.

First camp site. Due to a storm we had to stay put an extra day and a half.

A lot of flapjacks were consumed on this trip. After this trip Sylvia didn't touch a flapjack for a few months.

Second camp site, a bit more sheltered than the first.

After making our second camp we headed on a day trip without the sledges.

Fishing for fresh water...

as melting snow is time consuming.

Easy going on the frozen riverbed without the sledges.

On our second day trip from the sheltered campsite.

We had this hut as our goad for the day trip, but we ended up staying for the night.

Returning back the next day...

It was a bit windy out on the lake.

Heading back to Björkliden.

Heavy sledges with ice climbing gear we didn't get a chance to use.


Back at the train station soon.

Sylvia and the skiis from hell that kept breaking down... This is the last we saw of them because we "forgot" them at a dumpster.

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