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Ice climbing and skiing/snowboarding at Kebnekaise

In March Chris, Jörgen, Barbara and I were planning on a winter trip to somewhere in the northern Swedish mountains but we had not decided
exactly where. Barbara came up with the idea of the area around Kebnekaise, Sweden's highest mountain, and after looking into that option we
decided to go for it. Unfortunatly Babs had to bail at the last minute because of her job so it was us three guys left. We spent a few days ice
climbing, backcountry skiing/snowboarding and winter camping. We were really lucky with the weather too, it had been really windy for weeks
before we showed up, so much that you basically couldn't go out and do things. When we showed up it was sunny and we had sun almost all week.

The gang at Kiruna airport.

First day we went ice climbing at Skartaravinen, a small canyon close by the mountainlodge.

Toprope rigged, coming down.

Jörgen climbing.

Chris first go at ice climbing...

And he made it to the top.

May I present to you Chris, the ice climber :)

On our way back to the mountain lodge.

Our room barely fit us and our kit.

On the second day I had my eyes set on some slightly harder ice up in the Tarfala valley.

A team was already there climbing.

I took the lead up...

with Jörgen belaying.

Jörgen coming up, the other team coming down.

After Jörgen came down it was Chris turn.

Chris coming up, second time ice climbing now.

He had never been this high up on a rope before.

Everyone down, ready to head back.

On day three Chris and Jörgen got up at stupid o'clock.

They were up and away at sunrise.

The plan was to take the west route up to the peak of Kebnekaise.

The aftermath of an avalanche. Scary stuff.

A few hours in the clouds started to role in and the wind picked up...

So they had to turn around...

And ski back down.

Some very nice scenery up there...

And the snow was good.

Chris taking some turns.

Enjoying the snow...

Until his binding broke.

Binding fixed and as good as new... almost.

Heading down towards the avalanche. One would not have wanted to be close to that it when it went.

While Chris and Jörgen were on their summit attempt I went ice climbing here. The line to the left was about 80 meters which is hard to tell as the trees look like shrubs in this photo.

Heading back to the lodge after climbing I took a route along the river.

On day four we headed to the Tarfala valley to set up a camp.

Hats off to Jörgen för taking the sledge...

Hard work and no complaining.

Heading up the Tarfala valley.

Chris flattening out our campsight.

The tent is up hours and hours later.

The Rab boys.

The hardest thing with winter camping is getting out of the sleeping bag in the morning.

Chris is down there being lazy fetching water...

While we did the tough job of guarding the tent.

Heading down into the valley and up the other side.

Rocks ment I didn't have to use my snowshoes. Hurray!

The uphill part of backcountry skiing.

The hard-core skiers obtaining the necessary calories.

Nice view.

And down we come...

Our camp.

We had a go at baking some bread on our frying pan.

It turned out really good.

Next day of skiing, skins on.

The snow was hard to ski up, so the skiers headed down early.

As I was walking on rocks again I took my board to the top.

My ride down on soft untouched snow. Sweet!

Breaking up camp.

Everything packed, back to the mountain lodge.

The sledge flipped over once.

Chris being creative with the camera while I'm trying to survive with these evil sticks on my feet.

On our final day Chris went skiing on evil sticks (even known as touring skiis) and met these guys.

Jörgen and I went ice climbing.

Jörgen on his first lead climb on ice. Well done :)

Me ice bouldering.

Ice bouldering and trying out a pair of Nomic ice axes. I prefer my Quarks.

Jörgen, now a lead ice climber :)

And that concludes our trip... But I do want to come back during the summer to climb that ridge up the mountain to the right called the 'Silhouette route'.

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