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Kayaking to Åland and back

I had been thinking about kayaking over to Åland and back for a year or so, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really
wanted to do this trip alone and at the beginning of summer 2005 I decided to put the plan in motion. I had to wait several weeks before I got
a weekend with a suitable weather report for open sea kayaking and in July I finally got it. I left from Singö, just north of Grisslehamn, and
kayaked over to Eckerö on Åland where I spent the night in a tent, and kayaked back the next day. I had a bit of wind and waves on my way
over to Åland but on the way back the sea was dead calm and there was no wind at all. It was so peacefull... No wind, no waves, no boats,
no planes flying over... No sounds at all. I was so happy! Except for a couple of times maybe. Imagen being out in the middle of the ocean
and not hearing any noises for hours, and all of a sudden there is this loud snort just a few meters behind you! It scared the crap out of me!
The first time it took me a moment to figure out that it was a seal coming up for air. But knowing didn't matter, I jumped as hard every time.

Day one heading to Åland. I stopped to eat and take a nap in the sun at Märket, the smallest island shared by two countries, located just north of the half way point between the Swedish coast and Åland.

Day two, back to Sweden. While having lunch at Yttre Borgen, a small island on the outer limits of Åland, I had the pleasure of being kept company by a couple of seals.

Two seals keeping an eye on me.

I scared one of them. It went under water while I went to my kayak to get some stuff and it didn't expect me to be so close when it popped up again... But later they got their revenge.

On Yttre Borgen. Märket is visible on the horizon but I skipped stopping there as the sea was so calm. From here I just took a bearing and headed straight for the Swedish coast.

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