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Exploring a mining tunnel in a quarry

A fellow mine enthusiast had a project in mind that required a rope and abseiling so he contacted me. In a quarry in Dalarna a mining tunnel
was visible on the wall half way down into a quarry. An old wooden door was visible at it's entrance and he wanted to know what layed behind.
So after a few hours of rigging and going through abseiling and rope climbing techniques we abseiled down to the tunnel entrance to find out.

The view from the ledge we abseiled down to...

To find out what lies beyond this door.

About 20 meters in we came to a shaft.

Ventering out to the edge was a little risky.

It was a dead end, going up to the ground level and down to the water level.

A mine troll (Gruvtroll) in his natural habitat.

So it was a dead end, but it was a lot of fun and well worth the effort.

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