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Abandoned processing plant

This abandoned processing plant in Dalarna Sweden served a mining industry that has been active in these areas since the begining of the 16th century,
although mining at this precise location didn't start until in the 18th century. The actual processing plant has been built and re-built over the years and
the last construction work on it took place in 1957. In 1979 all mining operations here ceased and the processing plant has since then been abandoned.

There has been mining activity here since the 18th century...

But that ceased when the mine was shut down in 1979.

This modern processing plant has been standing here since the early 50s.

But now it stands alone, abandoned.

And basically left to it's fate.

Now that ore prices are high there are plans to start mining here again...

and they will need a new processing plant as this one is of no longer any use.

If they build it here this area will probably be flattened. Until then it will stand, fighting off natures attempt to reclaim it...

with the company of a few abandoned vehicles scattered around the area.

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