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Ice climbing at Klövsjö, Sweden

Originally Edvin and I had planned a week of climbing, preferably in Romsdal Norway, but the weather forcast was pretty bad.
Every where we looked it was either going to snow a lot or get far to warm, so we settled for a weekend and went up to Klövsjö.
We got good ice conditions and good weather, and it was nice to climb ice that was not hacked up like the average Rjukan climb.

Edvin on the first pitch of the right side waterfall.

I then lead a line up to the top, generally on good ice but the last steep part was rather rotten.

But good fun though. It was actually the first time I've climbed to the top.

Passing one of the thinner areas on the way down. It was a little dicey climbing up just on the left side of this opening.

The line I took was the bulge bairly visible on the left side of the photo, then up right to the very top.

Edvin's turn. He took a different line.

I wouldn't say it was easier or harder climbing...

But a bit more serious as the ice was not as solid and easy to protect.

But he made it up fine just as I did.

So our vacation was reduced to a weekend at Klövsjö. Maybe not what we were hoping for, but it was good to be climbing on ice that's not been all hacked up.

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