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Fourth time ice climbing in Rjukan, Norway

In January Sylvia and I took a Friday off work and headed for Rjukan for three days of ice climbing. We did Lettvann, Trappfoss and Sabotørfossen.

We did Lettvann as a warmup in two pitches.

The next day we did Trappfoss.

Unfortunatly there where two teams totaling five people above us, and they hammered me with ice.

It's my fault though, I should not have climbed after them. It's not easy to walk away after the walking all the way in though.

Our last day we did Sabotørfossen. Sylvia lead the first pitch, I followed.

Me on the second pitch.

I've done Sabotørfossen before, but not with this much ice.

Me on the third and final pitch.

Sabotørfossen is so far my number one climb in Rjukan.

After Sabotørfossen it was time to go home.

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