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Sports climbing at Longdong Bay, Taiwan

During a trip with work to Asia with Sylvia as company I took a week of vacation in Taiwan. We spent a few days climbing at Longdong bay.
The climbing at Longdong is not the best I've done. The sandstone is a little dirty, brittle and moist, but the setting is absolutly stunning!

Plenty of rock to go around, but a lot of the climbing required trad gear...

Which we didn't bring as most of my allowed baggage weight was eaten up by work equipment.

So we had to make do with what sport climbs we could do.

And there was a few to choose from.

Some of them where quite nice...

But the scenary is spectacular!

Unfortunatly having the rock this close to the ocean made it rather moist.

Longdong bay has quite a few different cliffs.

Access to them could sometimes be a little tricky in high tides.

Sylvia on "the wedding route". Rather easy, but the most enjoyable climb we did there.

It's a well bolted climb of the face.

The view I got from the top of the wedding route.

The next day it was weekend. We were not alone any longer...

Someone on a trad route.

We did the wedding route again...

We did a few more over the days, but nothing that got caught on camera.

All in all it was a few nice days out. The climbing was maybe not the best...

But the scenary sure was!

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