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Limestone climbing on Kalymnos, Greece

After hearing a lot of good things about the climbing on Kalymnos, Sylvia and I flew over for a ten day trip to check it out.
Although we prefure multipitch climbing, there is a lot of amazing climbing on Kalymnos. I can see why meny return each year.
We managed to squeeze in two caves while we where there. I put the photos from them in a separate gallery. Click here to view.

We spent the first day at Kasteli, warming up on max 6a routes.

It made a nice easy day out.

"Shy talk" 6a, a cool route at Kasteli.

The water looked very inviting.

The second day we headed over to Telendos to climb the 11 pitch fully (over) bolted climb "Wings for life" at 6a. It goes up the ridge on the right hand side of the massive cave.

There are routes being put up in the cave. Looks like they will be wild and extreamly hard!

We lost an hour or so because we missed the start of the route, but I got this photo so it was worth it.

Sylvia starting out on the first pitch.

Sylvia following the second pitch.

Sylvia on pitch five.

Me at the very same spot.

Me on pitch six.

Pitch eight. We skipped a bunch of bolts because there was so many of them!

Me on the seventh pitch... I think...

Me on one of the last pitches.

We completed this 11 pitch climb in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

A Telendos local.

Next climbing day we went back to Telendos to do another fully bolted multipitch route...

This time the slightly longer and harder route "Wild Country" at 6a+. It goes up slightly to the right.

It's a nine pitch route but the total length is longer than Wings for life and overall a fair bit harder.

Me on one of the 6a pitches.

It has two 6a pitches and a crux 6a+ pitch.

Sylvia on one of the middle pitches.

We had very nice weather on this route.

Sylvia leading the 6a+ crux pitch.

It had a little "reach for glory" move...

Which Sylvia did very elegantly.

Sylvia following on of the upper pitches.

We lead every other pitch and moved rather efficiently.

Me following on one of the upper pitches.

Me on the final pitch.

A nice little easy overhanging jug-fest.

A nice ending to a nice climb.

Sitting comfortably on the edge belaying.

Sylvia coming up over the edge on the last pitch. This route took us three ours. Not bad for a nine pitch route.

A new found friend in each hand: A cat in one, a piņa colada in the other :)

Climbers in the Grande Grotta.

Rufus and I working on a 6c+ überhang.

Rufus sister Alma with Telendos in the background.

A very steep start.

It took a lot of grunting and hangdogging to get that rope up.

But we got it up so we could play around on it on toprope.

Figering out the easiest way to climb it was not easy.

Rufus using his leg very elegantly.

Rufus going for the dyno...

But we both kept flying off.

Me on the steep start.

It wasted us over and over, one tough nut to crack... Next time though!

The next day we rented scooters and headed for Arhi.

Which is a very popular place indeed.

The popularity is well deserved though, there are some very nice climbs there.

But very sharp. Sylvia on one of the nice face climbs.

Another day on the scooter, this time to check out some caves (photos here).

Me on a big fat powerfull sports motorcycle... or not :)

And that's it... The climbing on Kalymnos is great, but we are multipitch climbers so we had most fun on the longer routes on the neighboring island Telendos.

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