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Shirtless ice climbing at Trängslet, Sweden

After climbing Njupeskär twice on Saturday we headed to Trängslet on Sunday due to the windy conditions at Njupeskär. We went to
Spillrännan and down there it was absolutly calm and sunbaked so we decided to do something we had never done before: ice climbing
shirtless! After playing around a bit without shirts on we climbed out via a shorter ice with a mixed finish. Climbing with a shirt could
have been a great ending to the season, I think it was for Edvin, but I had an even better ending at Njupeskär the following weekend.
Unfortunatly I didn't have my camera with me so these are the last of my photos from the fantastic ice climbing season of 2010 / 2011.

The sun was baking down there. Thanks to Eva for this photo and the next.

And no wind, so it was fairly hot.

But the spray of hacking ice cooled us down a bit.

Not a poser shot of Edvin, oh no.

He went even without gloves and will rolled up pants.

He should have done the full monty really, but as a belayer I'm glad he didn't.

Edvin with clothes on, in the shade and back on lead. All is at it should be again.

Quite a lot of screws in there...

But this line proved to be much harder than it looked.

With a topout of snow and rock.

Me seconding...

and toping out.

Goodbye Spillrännan... See you next year!

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