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Ice climbing at Klövsjö, Sweden

Sylvia, Edvin and I headed up to Klövsjö for a weekend of ice climbing in what was forecasted to be nice weather, but it turned out to be very wrong!
I've never climbed in such cold conditions before. On Saturday it was around -18c all day and Sunday started at -23c but got a bit warmer later in the
afternoon. I had promised myself earlier not to climb when it's this cold due to a mild frostbite on my toes, but what do you do when you've driven for
six hours to spend the weekend ice climbing. Although it was freezing cold we still had a nice time and managed to stay fairly warm.. and no frostbites!

We spent the first day on the left hand side. Edvin climbing.

And climbed in temperatures around -18c.

I normally try to avoid climbing when it's this cold...

But what do you do when you've drove so far and the weather forcast turnes out to be totaly wrong.

Sylvia's turn to go on the sharp end.

The second day we headed over to the right side.

And I popped up into a little cave and took som shots.

Behind the ice Edvin was climbing on.

Edvin climbing to the right of the little cave entrance.

The day started out cold, the thermometer reading -23c.

But it got a little warmer towards the afternoon.

Around -13 or something.

Heading back to the car I ran ahead and ambushed them with my camera.

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