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Photo shoot of ice climbing at Trängslet, Sweden

Sylvia, Rufus, Edvin and I went to Trängslet för a weekend of climbing. On Saturday it was around -18c and rather cold for the hands. On Sunday Rufus
could not climb with us so being uneven teams I rigged a rope and stuck my camera infront of the others faces. I think I got some real nice shots here.

Saturday was spent in Spillrännan. This is Rufus on his first lead on ice ever.

Smooth climbing on good solid ice.

One happy lead climber, no longer just a simple top-roper.


On Sunday we went to Brudslöjan...

I rigged a rope for photo shooting...

and stuck my camera in Edvin's face while he was leading.

Of coarse he wanted to take a harder line, but the photos would have been very good...

So I dictated where he should climb for the best angels :)

Topping out.

Sylvia followed...

Cleaning the screws after Edvin.

A nice action shot.

Getting close to the top...

And climbing in style.

Edvin rigged a top-rope on this line...

Because the ice conditions on this route made leading dangerous.

And it was a rather tough climb.

I didn't make it clean myself until the third attempt...

But Edvin made it look like a walk in the park every time.

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