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Ice climbing in Valleé de Cogne, Italy

The plan was to go to Chamonix in France and do some winter alpine climbing but because of the enormous amounts of snow,
wind and unstable weather the conditions for such climbing were awfull (the skiers were not complaining though).
So in an attempt to find some nice ice to climb we drove to Valleé de Cogne in Italy, and struck gold with loads to climb!

First ice at Cogne. A 250 meter grad 2 ice, but in it's current condition it was a bit harder.

Making a belay in the only ice available. Four ice screws half way in should be as good as two screws all the way in?

Me on the first pitch of the nice and convenient 250 meter grade 3 ice at Lillaz, 10 minutes from the car.

Sylvia seconding the first pitch.

Sylvia leading one of the upper pitches.

Sylvia making her way up the Lillaz route.

On our way in to do 'Sentiero dei Troll', a 350 meter grade 3 ice. We started late so we had to climb the last part and descend in the dark, but it was well worth it.

Sylvia belaying me from the top of the second pitch.

A photo of me, standing where I took the previous photo.

On a rest day we went back to the Lillaz ice, but this time we took different ice falls for each pitch, making it a different climb altogether.

Me getting ready for the second pitch.

Others on the second pitch.

Sylvia on the third pitch.

Climbers on the line we took on our first time up the Lillaz route...

But we took the fall just right of it.

Me on one the upper pitches.

Sylva seconding.

This line was at the same difficutly level as the original.

It was nice to take different lines for each pitch. Makes it a new climb.

Cleaning up the belay.

Cogne is a very nice place, very scenic.

Sylvia seconding one of the upper pitches.

Only one more short pitch after this one.

Sylvia on the last pitch.

Me getting ready to climb the last pitch.

On our way in to do 'Patri', a 250 meter grade 4 ice, we saw climbers on 'Sentiero dei Troll', one that we climbed earlier. They are visible just below the center of the photo. Unfortunatly an avalance hit a team on this climb a few hours later and killed one of them. I suspect that this is the team that got hit.

Getting closer to 'Patri'. It would not stop snowing...

Sylvia on the first pitch of 'Patri'. We made it to the start of the final pitch, then we had to bail because of unstable snow. In hindsight we should not have been climbing at all that day because of the heavy snowing.

Two happy cascatisties... err... ice climbers.

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