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Early season ice climbing at Rjukan, Norway

With new pics for my axes and front points for my crampons I was longing for some ice to climb, so when I heard there was
some climbable ice at Rjukan, I asked Sylvia if she wanted to come, we packed the car and off we went for a weekend.

Some mixed climbing at Krokan.

There was too little ice for leading so we rigged a top rope.

We started a little miniture landslide on this one.

Approach to Gaustatoppfossen was scenic...

But a pain in the *** without snowshoes. So this second time I had some with me.

Sylvia climbing in the clouds.

Just before she came down, the clouds dropped just below us. We stayed a bit longer as we couldn't just leave when we finally got to see some blue sky.

Me coming down after the last climb, time to leave.

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