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Climbing at Joshua Tree

After climbing for a week at Red Rocks, John flew in as Patrik flew home and we headed for three days of climbing at Joshua Tree.
Personally I found the climbing to be harder than Red Rocks, and maybe not as much fun, but the area itself is absolutly stunning,
making it one of my all time favourite places to climb at. Too bad we only had three days... and I have a feeling I won't be comming back.

On our way to Joshua Tree we saw this nice looking rock, but the sign was not as nice.

Me at the base of Headstone Rock, getting ready for 'SW Corner' 5.6.

John enjoying the view.

Headstone Rock. 'SW Corner' follows the left arete on that nice standing piece of rock.

Ryan Campground. We were lucky to find a spot, everything else was taken.

Me on 'Sail Away' 5.8.

'Sail Away' was my first trad lead at Joshua Tree. Nice but not an easy climb for me.

John seconding 'Sail Away'.

Without tape our hands would have been shredded.

Me on top of Hidden Tower after doing 'Sail Away'...

with the pleasant company of John.

Nice rock everywhere you look.

Real Hidden Valley.

John on the direct start variation of 'The Swift' 5.8.

Me following on the first pitch.

John seconding the second pitch.

John leading the third and final pitch.

Me following on the last pitch.

Nice view from the summit of Lost Horse Wall.

Time to walk down.

Damn... and we were just about to jump in!

The small pebble called Don Juan Boulder.

Trying to find our way to the start of our route.

Finally find it... 'Mental Physics' 5.7+. John leading.

"John: What is mental physics anyway?" "Mike: The shortest line between the start and the end is not by following a straight line, but by folding space..." "John: But... there is no space... no line... only energy."

My turn to lead. The second pitch did not look as good, so we only did the first one.

The view from Saddle Rocks after doing 'Walk on the Wild Side' 5.8.

John seconding 'Nurn's Romp' 5.8.

Nice route, plenty of jamming.

After this we did a top rope on a 5.10 and then left Joshua Tree.

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