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Ice climbing at Trängslet and Klövsjön

During the winter season of 2008/2009 I joined up with a bunch of ice climbers for a few trips to Trängslet and Klövsjön.
I'm glad I met them because this season I climbed more ice than I've climbed in all previous years combined.
I have named the photographer for each photo except for photos taken by me.

My first trip to Trängslet and this is the first ice on the menu, a 60 meter WI2. Photo by Joakim Niklasson.

Robert leading, me belaying. Photo by Joakim Niklasson.

The gang. Peter taking a look at the ice. Photo by Joakim Niklasson.

Peter leading some steeper ice.

Me leading the same ice. Photo by Joakim Niklasson.


On my next trip we went to Klövsjön. Photo by Alexei Tsychkov.

Robert ready to go. Photo by Alexei Tsychkov.

Peter belayed up the first pitch by me. Photo by Alexei Tsychkov.

Me leading a line on the upper left ice fall. I dropped a screw and Peter is throwing it back up. Photo by Alexei Tsychkov.

Back at Trängslet for my fourth ice trip of the season. This time with Per (in photo) and Andreas.

Per on his first ice lead ever.

Inside the ice cave. Photo by Per Andersson.

Andreas top roping some overhanging ice.

Andreas getting past the overhang.

Me on the same overhanging ice. A really fun line. Wouldn't lead it though. Photo by Per Andersson.

Past the overhang. Photo by Per Andersson.

Inside the ice cave again. Photo by Per Andersson.

Per leading the 60 meter grade WI 2 ice at Trängslet.

Andreas leading some steeper ice.

Per belaying Andreas.

It's a nice climb this one.

It sees a lot of traffic though.

Per leading the same ice fall...

...but taking a different line.

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