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My second climbing trip to Sardinia

As summer had ended, Stefan thought of going on a climbing trip somewhere warmer for a long weekend trip. As I had been to Sardinia
before and really liked it, I didn't hesitate to suggest it. So a few weeks later during the middle of october we were on our way. For me
the highlight was definitely climbing the five pitch route on the fantastic peak of Aguglia di Goloritzť. The climb was great, we met some
very nice people and the view was spectacular. The best rock was at La Muraglia, a 30 meter high sports crag with about 40 routes.

Day one. Creuza de Ma.

Stefan warming up on 'Amore Che Vai' 5b.

Me on a nice corner 'Amore Che Vieni' 5c.

Stefan on the arÍte 'L'Amore Cieco' 6a+. Gotta love the color of that rope!

Me on the fantastic but too short route 'Il Gorilla' 6b/c. It took me maybe five or six goes over a span of two days to send this one.

Stefan's go at 'Il gorilla' 6b/c. He got it on his first attempt.

Day two. Stefan and the fantastic peak of Aguglia di Goloritzť.

Looking for our route...

Easy Gymnopedie, 6c, 5 pitches. Starts just straight ahead and then follows the right arÍte.

Stefan on the second pitch.

Stefan coming up on the third pitch.

Frank from the team behind us leading pitch three.

Me at the top of pitch four.

Frank leading the fourth pitch.

Frank on pitch four.

Sitting on top 145 meters up and enjoying the view.

Stefan coming up on the last pitch.

Stefan on pitch five.

Almost there.

Frank coming up.

Frank on the final pitch.

Manuela coming up after Frank.

Manuela on the final pitch.

Stefan and I on top.

Stefan and I on top, different view. Thanks to Frank for taking the photo.

When I got up on top, the first thing I did was take this little movie because I had promised a colleage. It was not very big up there, four people could barely fit.

Frank und Manuela. A very friendly couple and very good climbers from Germany. They used the coolest version of 'On belay' I've heard. No words, just an odd sound :)

Aguglia di Goloritzť... We stood on top of that :)

The beach at the bottom. Too bad it was in the shade now, but we had a nice swim anyway.

Very rewarding to swim here after a day of climbing.

We stayed at a rather nice flat. It was fairly cheap and close to the beach, but had no tv...

The only photo from our third day that we spent at Villaggio Gallico.

Stefan at Porto di S. Maria on day four. After a few easy climbs we skipped climbing and went swimming instead.

Me recharging my batteries for a final stand.

Last day. A few hours climbing here at La Muraglia before flying home. The rock was exceptionally good here.

Stefan on 'Organi Geniali' 6a.

Stefan enjoying the quality rock at La Muraglia.

Me on 'Principi del Foro' 6b+.

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