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Bouldering at Djupviken

In July 2008 Stefan and I headed over to Åland for some bouldering at my favourite bouldering destination. This was Stefan's first time
to Djupviken and hopefully not the last. I brought my D70 camera along and took some shots with it. I think some turned out really nice.

Stefan getting started on a classic problem.

The rock here is pretty sharp and we forgot to bring tape. This was the only stuff we could find. It worked good enough.

Stefan on an ultra classic Djupviken problem.

I just love it when the sun sets and the rock starts to glow.

A couple of Swedes were also there for the weekend. More people for me to photograph.

We top roped this arête but this was the only photo I took. Photos of top roping this arête can be seen from a previous trip to Åland.

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