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My third climbing trip to Red Rocks Canyon

In April 2008 it was time for the NAB exhibition and I got to go. This time I didn't even have to ask for a week of vacation, my company knew and
booked my flight back a week later without me having to ask :) This time Patrik came with me. As Patrik is a fellow trad and multipitch climber,
finding routes to fit each others preferences was not going to be an issue. What was an issue though was me being stupid enough to not have
my drivers license with me... Ah man! Being without a car in Red Rocks is no fun. No fun at all... But doable! We rented bikes and stayed at the
the Bonnie Springs Ranch. Decent rooms with good enough food, but one of the waitresses really hated her job... Anyhow, it took us about one
hour from our door to get to the Juniper Canyon parking pull-out along the scenic road through Red Rocks. It was mostly uphill but better uphill
going to the climbing than on the way back. The downhill ride back was hard enough after of a full day of climbing. One experience I'll never forget
though was riding back on bike trails through the desert from Black Velvet Canyon during a calm night with the full moon lighting our way. Amazing!
But to be honest... I wouldn't do it again. Next time I'm renting a comfy luxury car as compensation for our sore butts!

Patrik and I on our way to Black Velvet Canyon.

Racking up for 'Lazy Buttress' 5.6.

Poser shot of Patrik on the first pitch of 'Lazy Buttress'.

Patrik leading the second pitch. It was run out and not worth the effort.

Patrik seconding the first pitch of 'Schaeffer's Delight' 5.7.

On our way to Lotta Balls Wall at First Creek Canyon.

Patrik comming up on the first pitch of 'Lotta Balls' 5.8.

The first pitch of 'Lotta Balls' follows the S shaped flake just above the highest bush. After some face climbing it heads to the corner on the left and follows it to the top.

On our way to Jackrabbit Buttress in Juniper Canyon.

Patrik in the shade, waiting for our turn to climb 'Geronimo' 5.6.

The team before us on the first pitch of 'Geronimo'.

Patrik racked up and ready to go.

Patrik on his way up the first pitch.

Patrik seconding Geronimo pitch two.

Pitch three of 'Geronimo'. The best pitch by far.

This is my second time visiting 'Atman' 5.10a. It through me off almost as fast as the first time time.

Atleast I made it to the top this time... after hanging on the rope a few times.

Want some crack? Bill making it to the top without hanging.

Bill on 'Yin and Yang' 5.10d.

Bill on 'Yin and Yang'. To Patrik and I, this one was a bit more doable than Atman.

Patrik comming up on 'Birdland' 5.7.

Patrik seconding pitch four of Birdland.

Patrik comming up on Birdland's fifth pitch.

Patrik on pitch five.

Yep, you guessed it... Patrik... Birdland... Pitch five.

A climbing instructor that was kind enough to let us pass him and his two students. They moved fast for a three people party, they were almost always close behind.

At the Bonnie Springs ranch. The place was supposed to be kid friendly. When I was a kid, these things would have scared the crap out of me!

Hmm... no comment.

Mount Wilson and Oak Creek Canyon.

Patrik at the base of Rose Tower in Juniper Canyon.

Patrik coming up on pitch four of 'Olive Oil' 5.7.

Patrik on a scary traverse on Olive Oil. It would not have been as scary if I had traversed where I was supposed to.

Taking it easy... No protection here.

The view from the top of Rose Tower.

The walk back down.

Cool cactus.

Rose Tower. Olive Oil's last pitch is the visible middle dihedral. It was pretty scary in there.

A future project. Crimson and Crysalis, 5.8, nine pitches. It goes up Cloud Tower on the right side, starting at the top of the right facing ramp that starts from the middle.

Patrik riding back to the Bonnie Springs motel.

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