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Sports climbing at Batu Caves

In March 08 during a work trip to Asia my first stop was Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. As I had been to KL and climbed at Batu Caves before,
any trip involving Kuala Lumpur automatically means packing my climbing stuff. This time around I met up with Karen and See Tho through
a mutual friend and they invited me to join them for the weekend. They are part of a group of climbers known as the Green Trekkerz
who regualarly meet and go climbing on weekends and on climbing trips. This time around I wanted to take some climbing photos from
above instead of the standard 'bum shot', so I started annoying climbers by hanging around on a rope preventing people from climbing the
route I was hanging on while sticking my camera in the faces of people on other routes :) Well, for me it was worth it as some of these photos
turned out really nice I think. I can't take the credit though, it's easy to take good photos when you have such good climbers as models!
Thanks Karen for helping me out with the names! I'm not 100% sure about the route names though, some of them might be wrong.

Low Choon Meng on what I think is 'Bad News' 6a at Damai wall.

Low Choon Meng, also known as 'Poksy'.

Low Choon Meng. Same route. Known as 'Professor' too.

At Damai. On the left Yap Sook Han (Ellina) is climbing 'Thunder' 6a and on the right Karen Ng is on 'Bad News' 6a.

See Tho belaying Karen on 'Bad News' 6a.

Kenny Low Wai Tiam on 'A Few Hangers More' 6a+ at Nanyang wall.

Kenny is also known as the 'AMPLIFIER'.

Apperently he got the nickname because he can really shout.

'A Few More Hangers' is a great route.

Zack on 'Go to Hell' 7a+ at Nanyang wall.

From left to right : Martin Chor, See Tho & Kenny Low Wai Tiam.

Low Jie Hong on 'A Few More Hangers' 6a.

Low Jie Hong on 'Scotch on the Rock' 6a+, Nanyang wall.

No big jugs on this one.

Low Jie Hong doing the extension of 'Scotch on the Rocks'. Don't remember the grade of that part though. 6b? 6b+?

Sensitive moves...

Kenneth Chim determined (or irritated at the paparazzi) on 'A Few More Hangers' 6a+.

Kenneth Chim belayed by See Tho.

Kenneth Chim preparing a clip on the same route.

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