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Ice climbing at Ågelsjön

In February 2007 I heard that the big ice fall in Ågelsjön had enough ice on it to lead. As this does not happen frequently, maybe once every
four or five years or so, I thought I'd go and have a peek. I must admit that I was a bit intimidated by it. The only lead climbing I had done on
ice was during a five day trip to Rjukan (pictures here) and this looked a lot harder than any of the climbs I did there. Well, it did take quite a
while before I made up my mind but the deciding factor was that I didn't want to have to wait for another four or five years before another
oppertunity like this would present it self so away I went. I made it clean with no falls or drama and was happy for days after. I went back the
next day to rig a top rope so a friend and his girlfriend could try out ice climbning and the ice had turned all soggy and loose overnight. It was
ok for top roping but far to dangerous for lead climbing so I did it in the nick of time! To date (Nov 2008) it's the hardest ice climb I've done.
Thank you Clare and Greig for the photos!

This is what I came to climb.

Uhm... Are you sure you want to do this?

I think so... I'll just rack on much more than I could possibly need first.

On belay. My excuses to delay have run out.

Away we go.

About half way up.

Another team was waiting for their turn on the ice so they did an impressive mixed climb to the right while waiting.

Almost at the top.

Follow the line of least resistance.

Jörgen getting ready to second.

Jörgen wacking away.

Clare top roping.

The other team got their turn too.

Jörgen on a smaller fall on our way back.

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