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Sports climbing in Sardinia

Adam, Chris and I felt we had to get away from the Swedish winter and headed for Sardinia in Italy hoping to find some sun and good climbing.
We sure found it! We spent the first three days in Masua and the last two days in Isili. Well, the last two planned days at least. We rushed to
the airport on day six after taking a wrong turn that cost us an hour or so, dumped Chris of with all the bags and then went to return the car.
Chris made the flight but Adam and I didn't. Ryanair could have let us on as we talked to Chris before he went through security but Ryanair
seem to do what they can to prevent their customers from boarding their flights. Oh well, another day of climbing... What a pitty!

On our way to Sardinia we had ten ours to kill in Barcelona waiting for a connecting flight so we rented a cab and cruised around to kill time.

The first crag of the trip was Castello dell'Iride at Masua. Chris on the first climb of the trip.

Adam on the same climb.

Chris on another route at Castello dell'Iride.

Adam clipping. Still at Castello dell'Iride.

Adam again, same route.

Me on the same route.

Chris rappelling for the first time.

Sunset at Masua.

On day two we headed back to the same area. There was more to do.

Me on the first pitch of the fantastic route Supergulp 5c/6a.

Same route, different angle.

I decided to do both picthes in one go. 40 meters of fantastic climbing.

Comming down from Supergulp. Thanks to Chris for this photo, I really like it.

Chris leading the first pitch of Supergulp.

Chris again.

Belaying Adam from above.

Chris in the little half way cave on Supergulp.

Adam seconding Supergulp.

Adam rappelling for the first time.

Me in the half way cave.

A very interesting 6a climb. Good fun.

Same route.

Day three at Wild Cadapria. This was a rest day so we only did one climb. This is chris onsiting 'Per un pugnu di dollari' 6a.

Me leading some route at Pietra Filosofale in Isili on day four.

Me on another route at Pietra Filosofale.

Same route.

Chris going for a 6 something route.

Chris, same route.

Getting harder...

Chris logging some air time.

Adam on the same route.

I took this shot just as he fell off.

Adam at it again.

We spent our fifth day at Corvo Spaziale, Isili. It was supposed to be our final day.

Chris on a 6c at Corvo Spaziale.

Getting close to the crux.

The hardest part of the route was clipping the second bolt.

Bolt clipped... But it's not exactly easy after that.

Me using my legs on a 6b.

Clip shot.

Chris using his leg at the same spot.

Chris clipping in a slightly different position than me.

My turn at the 6c route.

Adam belaying Chris on the 6c.

Chris on the 6c.

Adam at Dimensione Verticale, Osilo. This is where we spent our unplanned extra day.

Easy 5c route at Dimensione Verticale.

The gang.

Heaven on earth. We popped in here in the middle of nowhere at 3am hoping to find a simple snack or two, but hit the jackpot with fresh baked pastries, sandwiches and great coffee.

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