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Sports climbing at Tung Lung Chau

One of my destinations during my job related trip to Asia in June 2006 was Hong Kong. While I was there I had a Saturday off, and as I had some
sports climbing gear with me I hooked up with some people from hongkongclimbing.com and we headed out to Tung Lung Chau. Tung Lung Chau is an
island loacated south east of central Hong Kong and is Hong Kong's most popular sports climbing area. The climbing scene is very active in Hong Kong
and it's easy to meet climbing buddies. So if you're going to Hong Kong, check out hongkongclimbing.com for PDF guides and to meet climbing buddies.

The view from my hotel window.

On the ferry to Tung Lung Chau.

Amazing... Only 45 minutes ferry ride out from central Hong Kong but it feels like miles away from anywhere.

'Techical wall' at Tung Lung Chau.

This is the most popular crag around Hong Kong. It gets a lot more crowded than this on Sundays.

Stuart belaying Stuart.

Stuart is one of the hongkongclimbing.com administrators. I don't remember his dog's name though.

Stuart on 'Big Hand' 6a+.

Stuart on 'The Corner' 7a.

Me on 'The Chimney'. A very enjoyable easy grade 4 route.

Still on the Chimney route.

The Chimney route again. This time I'm on the other end of the rope.

The final overhang of the Chimney route.

Done for the day, heading back to the ferry.

After climbing some of the climers took me to Mongkok to go to a climbing shop as I had not been to Mongkok before. It has the highest population density in Hong Kong and is by far the most crowded place I've ever been to!

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