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Ice climbing at Rjukan

I went with Greig and Clare on my first ice climbing trip. I had not climbed ice since the first time I tried it on Åland.
I surely had not lead climbed on ice before but I intended to change that. Thanks to Clare and Greg for all of the photos.

We ate a lot of pasta...

Me belaying Greig on the first climb of the trip.

Clare seconding.

Me on one of my first leads on ice ever.

Same climb, different angle.

Rain rain go away...

Clare and Greig.

Greig and I heading towards more ice.

preparing for battle...

I think I chose the wrong weapon.

Getting ready.

Greig comming up.

Same climb.

My axes taking a break.

Greig on top rope.

Me getting ready for my hardest lead at the time.

Having second thoughts?

Getting on with it.

Easy half done... Now it gets harder.

Finding the line of least resistance.

I placed a lot of screws... I was a bit nervous.

Almost there. At this stage I was no longer nervous... I was scared!

Happy to have made it.

Clare seconding.

A kiwi at Kiwi.

I was fealing confident, so on the next day I upped it a notch.

Finding the easiest path up the ice.

Clare belaying Greig from the top.

Greig wacking away.

The Vermork power station, the site of the famous Norwegian heavy water sabotage against the German nuclear energy project during World War II.

Road side climbing. This photo was taken from my car.

Gaustatoppen in the background.

Clare and Greig went for a walk up to Gaustatoppen while I was solo top roping ice.

Clare with her new designer sunglasses.

Clare and Greig at the top of Gaustatoppen.

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