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Multipitch climbing at Nissedal

Jörgen and I had spoken about going to Nissedal to do our first longer multipitch climbs, and in July it was time. It can rain a lot in
Norway but we had a lot of sun. A bit too much for our taste. It was close to 30 degrees C and we ran out of water rather quickly.
In our two days we did Via Lara (4), many people's first traditional multipitch climb, and Sternschnuppe (5+). Both very nice climbs.

Haegefjell, Nissedal

Second pitch of Via Lara, grade 4.

Jörgen belaying me on pitch 3.

No problem with protection on Via Lara.


This is me on pitch 6 or 7.

At the top.

Day two. Jörgen somewhere on the route Sternschnuppe 5+.

Me on one of the more comfortable belays on Sternschnuppe.

Jörgen comming up.

Jörgen on one of the nice parts.

Unknown climber behind us.

The unknown climber's unknown climbing partner.

Mot Sola, grade 6. A must do future project at the time this photo was taken. I've done it now. Fantastic route.

Hägar 7-. A striking line. A future project if I ever get comfortable leading grade 7 trad climbs.

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