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Caves on Kalymnos, Greece

During our climbing trip to Kalymnos (photos here) we visited two caves. Unfortunatly I had forgot that I had changed the ISO
setting on my camera to the highest the last time I was playing around with it. This basically destroyed the photos. I've tried
to salvage what was left but I am not happy, these photos could have been sooo much better had I not screwed up the ISO.

I took this one using only a flashlight as the lightsource. Unfortunatly there is something wrong with the lense. I kept getting blue noise up on the left corner.

These formations where pretty cool. I'm bummed about the ISO setting mess upp, this photo would have been a lot sharper if I had set it back before shooting.

Once again I got blue noise in the corner. I've now replaced both camera and lens.

I shot of me lighting of the large champer. I've only used one light source but moved it around and took multiple exposures.

The second cave we visit resulted in only one photo. Again I had to edit it extensivly and lost all sharpness... I didn't notice the ISO setting until I got back home :(

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