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A weekend of caving at Vadvetjåkka, northern Sweden

Petra and I had talked about a cave visit up north for a weekend and decided to give it a go when we found a weekend we both could go.
So I invited Chris along as he also was interested in some caving. We took the night train to Abisko, took a helicopter into the Vadvetjåkka
valley, set up our tents and got straight to it with a visit to the cave 'Hoppet' that evening. The next day we went to the Voitaskallo cave
for some vertical caving. It's a pretty tough hike up there and back, so when we got back we just took it easy and left the next morning.

Helicopter transport in and out saved us about 24 hours in total of hiking with all our stuff.

On our way up to the cave 'Hoppet'.

Cave photography is hard. This attempt is with multiple flashes fired off while walking down the passageway.

And this shot was taken by painting the passageway with a flashlight.

At our campsite packing for the 'Voitaskallo' gave.

Chirs descending the first pitch with Petra up at the top.

Chris descending.

Petra descending.

Petra from a different angle.

Happy cavers.

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