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Caving photos from Mjölkbäcken and Övre Ältsvattnet

These are the actual cave photos from the hiking and caving trip around Övre Ältsvattnet. As only five out of forty photos actually have
anything to do with caving I decided to put the cave photos here and all forty pictures as a seperate gallery under 'Photos from other trips'.
Click here to see all forty photos from Mjölkbäcken and Övre Ältsvattnet.

Kalle outside one of the smaller cave systems around the Mjölkbäcken's cave area.

The result of my first serious attempt at cave photography. The cave is 'Stora Promenadtunneln' (The Big Strole Tunnel).

Kalle checking out a small cave.

Inside Marmorgrottan (Marble Cave).

Cave mushrooms in from what we can tell is a previously unknown cave.

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