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A favorite selection from the activities with Åland's Folk high school

This is my selection of the photos that I like the most from each Åland gallery.

Jan and Erik's cars. For some reason I really like this photo.

Tucking the boat in for the night. From our sailing trip around Åland.

From our kayaking trip in the archipelago of Åland.

Erik and Jan discussing rigging for our climbing coarse at Fågelberget, Åland.

Resting during our Åland hike.

Otto making coffee in Hossa, northern Finland.

Long distance ice skating self rescue exercise. Åland.

Rigging a top rope for our first go at ice climbing in Åland.

Glen, Petter and Zeb rigging fish bait in Åland.

Me at the fantastic ice fall Njupeskär at Fulufjället, Sweden. I want to climb this one some day...

Pulling seldges during our cross country trip at Fulufjället, Sweden.

Sledge pulling during a cloudy day at Fulufjället, Sweden.

Maria and David (right side) comming up during our Telemark coarse in Sälen, Sweden.

Daniel practicing the eskimo rescue (not roll) during pool training in Åland.

These dudes were cool. They cheared us on during our pool training on Åland. Thanks to Daniel for this photo.

The uphill part of backcountry skiing in Tärnaby, Sweden.

Our gear taking a break from us. Tärnaby, Sweden.

Daniel and Ette hanging out... Yes, they are alive. Tärnaby, Sweden.

This guy does not look so amused. Dog sledding at Storuman, Sweden.

Maria and her favorite. Dog sledding at Storuman, Sweden.

"Whats going on? Why are we stopping? Stupid humans..." Dog sledding at Storuman, Sweden.

Another one bites the snow. Dog sledding at Storuman, Sweden.

Rigging our challenge coarse in Åland.

Testing our rigging of the challange coarse. Åland.

Erik explaining the rigging for secured rappelling. Åland.

Ette controlling the secured rappell rigg. Åland.

Canoeing in Kronoby, northern Finland.

David (enjoying) and Sally (working). Kronoby, northern Finland.

Maria and I going for it in Kronoby, Finland. We flipped our canoe here...

A Strandnäs student testing the toilet rigg they built for camp. The rope held... Åland.

A Strandnäs student got us all worried... He seemed to know what he was doing though... Åland.

Erik demonstrating how to jump. Bride swinging in Åland.

Doing as the teacher says. Bridge swinging, Åland.

Getting ready to jump. Bridge swinging, Åland.

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