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Urban caving - Abondoned tunnels in central Stockholm

Stockholm has a few old abandoned tunnels running through the central parts of the city. I decided to
check them out and experiment with my camera, a tripod, a homemade handlamp and a handheld flash.

This is an old railway tunnel. I only took this photo to check the white balance setting of the camera but because of the mist I think it turned out very atmospheric.

Halfway through the railway tunnel there is a door on one side leading in to this inhospitable place.

The tunnel was built in 1939. I don't know when it was taken out of active usage though. On both sides of the tunnel you can see shadows of me firing off my flash as I made my way through.

It's about half a kilometer long and connects with an active railway system at the other end.

This is another abonded tunnel in town. A lot smaller and with sand on the ground. What it was supposed to be used for is a bit of a mystery to me.

Deeper in the tunnel there are a couple of old heavy doors, all rusty though.

It looks like some homeless people have been living here.

The end of the tunnel, locked with an old rusted door... Not one of the nicest places I've been to, but I do find it kind of fascinating with weird abondoned places like this right in the heart of Stockholm.

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