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Out of bounds

I've recently taken on an interest of photographing in odd environments a bit off the beaten track. I don't really know how to categorize them though. I guess it could be called "urban exploration" but that's not very accurate as some of these photos are taken in environments that simply are not urban, like old abondoned military bunkers out in the forests for example. I don't want to simply call it "Abondoned places" either as I can see a few galleries making their way up here that would not fit that description. I guess the only thing that can be said about these places is that you're not supposed to be there. So, in lack of better imagination, I've called this category "Out of bounds".

Photo galleries

  • * New * A ghost tower of Bangkok, Thailand
  • * New * A train graveyard in Bangkok, Thailand
  • * New * Abandoned villa, Taiwan
  • * New * Abandoned gated community, Taiwan
  • * New * Abandoned soap factory, Italy
  • * New * Revisit to an abandoned industrial site, Italy
  • * New * Underground factory and storage facility
  • * New * Abandoned water amusement park
  • * New * Abandoned tuberculosis sanatorium, Norway
  • Two abandoned defence bunkers
  • Abandoned cement factory
  • Abandoned steel works
  • Abandoned mental hospital, Norway
  • Two abandonded industrial sites around Rome
  • Abandoned civil defence central
  • Abandoned chemical industry building
  • Garden of Eden
  • A ghost town in Dalarna
  • Abandoned power transformer station
  • Abondoned tunnels in central Stockholm

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