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My second kayaking trip in the archipelago of Stockholm

Two Davids, one Eva and I had a plan to go hiking in the area of Övre Ältsvattnet but the weather report for the area was looking rather
bad so at the last minute we changed our plans to a week of kayaking in the archipelago of Stockholm instead, which we didn't regret.
We started from Blidö and made it out to Gillöga with a few stops on the way and back. The nicest stop was our camp site at Kallskär.

Starting from Blidö. Photo by David Michal.

Leaving Blidö.

Looking for a spot to camp for the night.

First campsite. Photo by David Michal.

The wind was in our favour, so we headed further out.

A stretch of open water with the wind in our backs.

Arriving at Kallskär.

Leaving Kallskär after lunch.

This was the closest to bad weather we got.

A stretch of open water to Gillöga...

was the only time we had some head wind.

At Gillöga.

Looking for a nice spot to camp.

Photo by David Michal.

We found our campsite...

and went back to our lunch site to get the others.

David and Eva making a fashion statement.

Heading to the campsite.

It was a sheltered spot.

Tents up before sunset.

Gillöga locals. Photo by David Michal.

Gillöga. Photo by David Michal.

Weaving our way out.

After a lunch break we headed for Kallskär again.

Photo by David Michal.

Arriving at Kallskär.

I chose this lovely spot for my tent.

The others chose a spot that wasn't so bad either.

Photo by David Michal.

Night fishing at Kallskär.

Leaving Kallskär...

with no real plan, just going in the general direction towards Blidö.

Me fooling around. Photo by David Michal.

Rödlöga, a popular stop for sailboats.

Campsite a bit further out from Rödlöga.

On our way, last full day of kayaking.

Eva waiting for the others at our last stop of the trip.

David and I had swicthed spots, he took my kayak.

Last campsite, not far from Blidö.

Photo by David Michal.

On our last strecth of the trip.

We were welcomed back to Blidö by this guy.

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