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Hiking and some caving around Mjölkbäcken and Övre Ältsvattnet

Back in August 2005 I went for a three day hike to Övre Älstvattnet. It rained all three days but I liked the place so much I knew I would be
back, and in July 2008 it was time. I went with a friend and fellow caver Kalle, and as there are caves in the area, we went to check them out.
On the way to Övre Ältsvattnet we stopped at Mjölkbäcken to check out those caves and I had my first more serious go at cave photography.
Then we moved on the Övre Ältsvattnet to check out the caves and also Marmorkanjonen (The Marble Canyon). It was cloudy and drizzled a
bit for the first four days but we finaly got some sun for our day around Marmorgrottan (the Marble Cave) and for our hike back.

While driving up I came accross this scene so I had to stop and take a picture.

The waterfall at Mjölkbäcken.

Low clouds but it didn't rain very much.

The view of the lake Över-Uman.

In the clouds.

Kalle outside one of the smaller cave systems around the Mjölkbäcken's cave area.

The result of my first serious attempt at cave photography. The cave is 'Stora Promenadtunneln' (The Big Strole Tunnel).

Our campsite at Mjölkbäcken. We stayed here for two nights.

At the south eastern end of the lake Lill-Iman. We had to cross the river and a swampy part before heading up the valley.

Further up the valley.

Looking back at Lill-Uman.

Our second camp site close to Övre Ältsvattnet. We stayed two nights here too.

Övre Ältsvattnet.

On our way to Marmorkanjonen (The Marble Canyon).

The mouth of Marmorkanjonen (The Marble Canyon).


The lower parts of the canyon flowing out into Övre Älytsvattnet.

Kalle checking out a small cave.

A frog garding it's kingdom. We saw it jump down a hole so I stuck my camera down after it and took a shot.

The locals invaded our campsite.

They moved on... There sure was a lot of them.

At the exit of Marmorgrottan (The Marble Cave). And look! The sky is blue! Well, parts of it atleast.

Inside Marmorgrottan (Marble Cave).

Cave mushrooms in from what we can tell is a previously unknown cave.

At the exit of Marmorgrottan.

The view of Övre Ältsvattnet from the top of Sjárratjåhkka.

The campsite for our final night out.

Campsite surroundings.

Campsite surroundings.

On our way back. The lake Lill-Uman in the background.

A Lill-Uman local.

The lake Lill-Uman. My first attempt at panoramic photography, pieced together from four photos.

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