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Abondoned mines in Västmanland, Sweden

Chris and I went on a little trip to see a few abondoned mines in Västmanland, a couple of hours west from Stockholm.

This is the first mine we stopped by.

We didn't enter any of the mine shafts as most are closed or filled with water.

I was actually more intressested in these abondoned buildings over the shafts.

They are called 'headframes', or 'lavar' in Swedish. This one was locked shut.

There was some activity around this old mine, but nothing to do with mining.

This old little vehicle was parked outside. How about removing it's engine and replacing it with a turbo charged Suzuki Hayabusa engine... I would be king of the streets... If I survived that is.

A good old fashioned 'Indiana Jones' style mine cart.

The next mine was in a little more deserted area.

The headframe was not as big as the others.

But it's a cool building none the less.

We could get a look inside of this one.

This is the elevator shaft, used to get the ore out of the mine shaft.

This was the first stage of crushing it, a few foors up.

Cool old style controls.

Looking down inside the headframe.

Going further up would have been too dangerous.

So we went back down again.

This mine is rather alone out in the woods. A couple of stripped down and burned up cars kind of added to the deserted feeling.

This headframe was rather tall.

The buildings are not in the best of shape anymore.

Industrial decay at it's best.

Not much left of the building directly over the old shaft. I think it was knocked down to fill the shaft as it was filled to the brim with debris.

Inside the tall headframe. It looks like some local kids have rigged some old rope and garden hose to get up. We felt too old for that. But with some climbing gear maybe?

By the time we found the last mine it was late, but thanks to the moon I got a real nice picture of the headframe in moonlight.

Because of such a long shutter opening for this photo I got five minutes worth of earth rotation captured in the stars.

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