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My fourth climbing trip to Red Rocks Canyon

It's April 2009 and time for the NAB exhibition in Las Vegas again. So as usual I took a vacation after the exhibition and went climbing.
As for last years Red Rocks trip Patrik flew in to join me for a week of climbing. On our first day we were joined by Sophie, a friend I
knew from Stockholm but had moved on to Arizona. After she left Patrik and I continued to climb a few very nice multi pitch routes.

Patrik on the first pitch of 'Physical Graffiti' 5.6, warm up climb.

On our way to into First Creek Canyon...

to do 'Rising Moons' 5.5. This is me on the first pitch.

Sophie had joined us for this one. Her first multi pitch route.

Patrik leading the second pitch.

Patrik on the second pitch.

Sophie next.

Patrik and Sophie at the top of the second pitch.

Me leading the offwidth crack of pitch three.

Sophie seconding the third pitch.

Nice and wide crack. I didn't have much protection for a crack of this size though.

Sophie rappelling down.

Me setting up the second rappel anchor.

'Rising Moons' was a bit too easy, so before Sophie had to go we did a slightly harder single pitch route...

called 'Classic Corner of Calico', rated at 5.8.

Sophie seconding. It was a lot harder than 'Rising Moons' but she did well.

Now it's was only Patrik and I, so we went to Angel Food Wall...

and did 'Group Therapy' 5.7. Patrik leading the first pitch.

Patrik's head visible though the offwidth crack of pitch two.

Patrik leading the third pitch.

Patrik comming up on the chimney part of pitch five.

Patrik on the final traversing pitch. 'Group Therapy' is definitely a Red Rocks favourite!

Three star descent from Angel Food wall.

Big horn sheep.

Red Rocks views.

Patrik on the third pitch of 'Johnny Vegas' 5.7. We climbed it to get to 'Solar Slab'.

We thought we were on 'Solar Slab', but this was 'Arch Enemy' pitch one (5.8).

We got off 'Arch Enemy' and on to 'Solar Slab' This is the second pitch.

Rated at 5.6 it was much easier than 'Arch Enemy'.

Patrik on the three star crack of the fifth pitch.

Patrik comming up to the belay on top of pitch seven. It was too windy to top out so we rappelled down from here after 12 pitches of climbing.

After a rest day it was back to business. Now were are on 'Tunnel Vision' 5.7.

Me leading the pitch that give the route 'Tunnel Vision' it's name.

Very different climbing in here.

The exit of the tunnel.

Patrik just above the tunnel exit.

Me leading the corner part of the final pitch.

On our way out after our last day of climbing... Hmm, nice looking rock there...

So we climbed it. I don't know the grade because it wasn't in the guidebook, but it sure was hardcore!

Patrik on another bold line, this one up the west face using only two pieces of protection! After this, Patrik went home, I went on to Joshua Tree.

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